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Denise Rowe


Denise Rowe is a creative practitioner, ceremonialist, facilitator and producer with over twenty years experience in creating and holding safe spaces for powerful transformation.

After gaining a first degree in philosophy and theology from Oxford University, Denise turned her attention to embodied study of indigenous traditions, including the hunter gatherers of the Cameroonian rainforest, the mbira tradition in rural Zimbabwe, and her own embodied movement practice in the landscapes of Devon. 

Denise is director of Earth Dances, co director of Shumba Arts and has managed many mid-scale creative projects.  In 2019 Denise founded Trees of Hope with Kennedy Chinyere, Jane Tarr and Nick Clough. 

Her passion is for deep embodied remembering and she works with music, dance, movement and prayer as ceremonial access points for this remembering. 

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