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Find and Download Your Favorite Old Games from the Past

Old Games Download: How to Find and Play Abandoned Video Games from Your Childhood

If you grew up playing video games in the 70s, 80s, 90s, or early 00s, you probably have fond memories of some classic titles that are no longer available or compatible with modern devices. Maybe you miss exploring dungeons in Ultima, shooting aliens in Doom, solving puzzles in Myst, or racing cars in Need for Speed. Or maybe you're curious about some old games that you never got a chance to play back then.


Whatever your reason, if you're looking for a way to relive your gaming nostalgia or discover new old games, you should check out . This website is an archival project that aims to preserve and share abandoned video games from various platforms such as Windows, Mac, DOS, Atari, C64, SEGA, PlayStation, and more. You can download thousands of old games for free from their website and play them on your computer with minimal hassle.

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Old Games Download, including its history, benefits, features, community, and how to use it. By the end of this article, you'll be ready to dive into a world of retro gaming fun.

The History of Old Games Download

Old Games Download was founded in 2017 by two passionate retro gamers who wanted to create a website where they could share their collection of old games with other enthusiasts. They started by uploading games that they owned or had access to, and then expanded their database by acquiring more games from various sources, such as online auctions, flea markets, thrift stores, and donations from other users.

Their mission is to preserve the history and culture of video games, especially those that are at risk of being lost or forgotten due to technological obsolescence, legal issues, or lack of interest. They believe that old games are an important part of our heritage and deserve to be enjoyed by future generations. They also want to provide a platform where retro gamers can connect with each other and share their passion for old games.

Since its launch, Old Games Download has grown to become one of the most popular and trusted websites for downloading old games. It has over 10,000 games in its database, covering more than 40 platforms and genres. It has also attracted a loyal and active community of users who contribute to the website by writing reviews, ratings, guides, tutorials, and comments. Old Games Download is constantly updating its website with new games, features, and improvements to make it the best source of old games on the internet.

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The Benefits of Old Games Download

There are many reasons why you should use Old Games Download if you're interested in playing old games. Here are some of the main benefits that Old Games Download offers to its users:

A Huge Database of Abandoned Games

One of the biggest advantages of Old Games Download is that it has a huge database of abandoned games that you can download for free. Abandoned games are games that are no longer supported or sold by their developers or publishers, and are therefore considered free to distribute by the website. These games are also known as abandonware.

Old Games Download has thousands of abandoned games from various platforms and genres, ranging from arcade classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, to adventure games like Monkey Island and King's Quest, to strategy games like Civilization and Age of Empires, to simulation games like SimCity and The Sims, to action games like Tomb Raider and Half-Life, and many more. You can find almost any game you can think of on Old Games Download, as long as it was released before 2005.

Old Games Download also has a section for rare and obscure games that are hard to find elsewhere. These include games that were never released commercially, or were only released in certain regions or languages, or were cancelled or unfinished. Some examples of these games are Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III, Fallout Extreme, Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, Resident Evil 1.5, and Half-Life 2: Episode Three. If you're looking for some hidden gems or curiosities in the history of video games, you'll love this section.

Easy to Download and Install

Another benefit of Old Games Download is that it makes it easy to download and install old games on your computer. All you have to do is find the game you want on the website, click on the download button, and wait for the file to be downloaded. The file will be in a compressed format (such as ZIP or RAR), which you can extract using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Once you have extracted the file, you will find a folder with the game files inside. Depending on the type of game and platform, you may need to use an emulator or a compatibility tool to run the game on your computer. An emulator is a program that mimics the hardware and software of another device (such as a console or a computer), while a compatibility tool is a program that modifies the settings or behavior of a game to make it work on a different system (such as Windows 10).

Old Games Download provides detailed instructions on how to use emulators and compatibility tools for each game on its website. You can also find links to download these programs from reliable sources. Some of the most common emulators and compatibility tools that you may need are DOSBox (for DOS games), ScummVM (for point-and-click adventure games), ePSXe (for PlayStation games), Project64 (for Nintendo 64 games), DXWnd (for windowed mode), dgVoodoo (for DirectX support), nGlide (for Glide support), and Wine (for Mac and Linux users).

With these programs, you can easily run most old games on your computer without any problems. However, if you encounter any issues or errors while playing a game, you can always contact Old Games Download's support team or visit their forum for help.

Safe and Legal

A third benefit of Old Games Download is that it is safe and legal to use. Old Games Download ensures that its games are free from viruses and malware, and that it respects the rights of game developers and publishers.

Old Games Download scans all its games with antivirus software before uploading them to its website. It also tests them on different systems and platforms to make sure they work properly. You can download and play old games from Old Games Download without worrying about harming your computer or device.

Old Games Download also follows the legal guidelines for distributing abandonware. Abandonware is a term that refers to software that is no longer supported or sold by its original owners, and is therefore considered abandoned. There is no clear legal definition or status for abandonware, but generally speaking, it is tolerated by the software industry as long as it does not harm their current business or reputation.

Old Games Download only hosts games that are at least 15 years old, and that are not available for purchase or download from any official source. It also removes any games that are requested by their owners or representatives to be taken down. Old Games Download does not claim any ownership or rights over the games it hosts, and it gives full credit to the original developers and publishers. Old Games Download also encourages its users to support the game industry by buying new games or donating to game preservation projects.

The Features of Old Games Download

Besides having a huge database of old games, Old Games Download also offers some useful features that enhance your gaming experience. Here are some of the features that Old Games Download provides to its users:

Search and Filter Options

One of the features that Old Games Download offers is the ability to search and filter games by various criteria. You can use the search bar on the top of the website to enter keywords or phrases related to the game you're looking for, such as the


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