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Anatoly Uvarov
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Shake, Rattle And Roll [PORTABLE]

Methods: SRR was a cluster randomized controlled trial conducted at an urban medical center. All 98 adult primary care physicians (PCP) and their panels of hypertensive black patients were randomized, stratified by panel size, to one of three arms: 1) Usual Care (n = 33 PCPs, N = 1129 patients); 2) Enhanced Monitoring arm with an emphasis on improving pharmacotherapy protocol adherence (n = 34 PCPs, N = 349 patients); or 3) Lifestyle arm with a culturally tailored diet and lifestyle coaching intervention focusing on the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension eating plan (n = 31 PCPs, N = 286 patients). The intervention period was for 12-months post-enrollment. Follow-up was planned for one and three years post-intervention completion. Primary outcome measure was the proportion of participants with controlled BP, defined as

Shake, Rattle and Roll




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