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Theodore Long
Theodore Long

__FULL__ Download Xtream(56) Txt

To install the most latest stable version of Xtreme Download Manager on Ubuntu or on other Linux distributions, download the XDM Linux installer tar file, extract it and run the installer script to install it.

Download xtream(56) txt

People who would like to test already can download the latest version here. I haven't added a installation yet - it is meant to be as portable as can be, so you can put it on a usb drive and use it everywhere you want. Maybe i will add a install later - but for now it comes as it is. It is stable now - it have been tested by me, @@Senna and some other people, so most bug's are already fixed.

I also made a installation build. For the people who do not want to use it as a portable application, but like to have it installed. This build has some little changes, like saving accounts and settings to the registry (HKCU), i also changed the update method in this build. This will download the setup file and run it as update, so when u press update - you don't have to select a download directory and replace the files yourself. 041b061a72


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