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Regular Giving

Help Us Make a Difference

On a day-to-day basis Trees of Hope runs itself on the passion and enthusiasm of a number of Men and Women from the surrounding Villages in Domboshava.

Our long-term aspiration is that the project will be self-supporting but it will flourish more effectively if we can offer regular support at an early stage.

Regular Giving: Donate

Regular Giving

Your support helps us support the Trees of Hope Project through

  • Assisting in the purchase of small items of equipment and tools

  • Helping facilitate Educational Training for Key Workers in sustainable agriculture, permaculture and other skills at Domboshava Training Centre

  • Supporting small capital projects when funds allow (eg. the construction of a secure Tool and Equipment Shed, creating composting bins……..…etc)

  • Supporting continued engagement by Key Workers through supporting travel costs and other expenses whilst working on the Project.

If you are willing and able to give a small amount each month this is really supportive and
enables us to budget more easily for the things that are needed on a daily basis, especially now
that through your generous support we have all but completed the major structural and
building aspects of the project.

Regular Expenses:

£7 buys 500 plant or tree containers

Periodic Expenses:
£5 buys creative art materials for a child
£7 buys 500 plant or tree containers
£10 buys a Rake
£12 buys a Spade
£15 buys a Shovel
£20 buys a Mattock
£105 buys a Wheelbarrow

If this is an option you wish to take up, you can easily set up a standing order through your Bank
Account, which can be amended or cancelled at any time.
In order to do this, please contact Andrew (our Treasurer) direct and he will confirm our UK
Bank account details by return.
Andrew, E: or M: 07813-532544

Or contact Andrew on the link below

Regular Giving: Text
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