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Regular Giving

Help Us Make a Difference

On a day-to-day basis Trees of Hope runs itself on the passion and enthusiasm of a number of Men and Women from the surrounding Villages in Domboshava.

Our long-term aspiration is that the project will be self-supporting but it will flourish more effectively if we can offer regular support at an early stage.


Regular Giving

  • Offering a small monthly ‘stipend’ to Key Workers on the Project

  • Assisting in the purchase of small items of equipment and tools

  • Helping facilitate Educational Training for Key Workers in sustainable agriculture, permaculture and other skills at Domboshava Training Centre

  • Supporting small capital projects when funds allow (eg. the construction of a secure Tool and Equipment Shed, creating composting bins……..…etc)

  • Supporting continued engagement by Key Workers through supporting travel costs, small stipends, and other expenses whilst working on the Project.

Regular Expenses:

£35 per month creates a ‘stipend’ for One Key Worker

£7 buys 500 plant or tree containers

Periodic Expenses:

£105 buys a Wheelbarrow

£20 buys a Mattock

£15 buys a Shovel

£12 buys a Spade

£10 buys a Rake