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Our Story

From childhood dreams to sustainable futures

Kennedy Chinyere, director of Trees of Hope, was born and raised in rural Zimbabwe

and has witnessed the effect of over zealous deforestation

for farming, firewood, mining, timber and firing kilns.

At twelve years old Kennedy planted his first trees on the family land.

30 years later and those trees are the inspiration for the Trees of Hope project.

Trees of Hope was constituted in 2020 with a broadly representative committee to oversee work in the UK and Zimbabwe.

Our vision is for a thriving, diverse and balanced ecosystem

and for a return to living in partnership with the land.

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Project Aims

Raise awareness of how essential trees are to our safe future in a thriving ecosystem

Design and implement practical sustainable solutions

for tree planting, care & safeguarding

Empower local communities (children, young people and adults)

to create positive change for future generations

Promote the essential relationship between music, landscape and community

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Phase One

​Completed 2019, working with local communities in rural Zimbabwe using locally sourced materials and labour

Build a tree nursery

Set up a seed storage system

Dig a well to irrigate the nursery

Research trees and map out a forest garden

Consolidate local project leaders in Zimbabwe

Gather footage, photos and interviews for promotional material

Initiate plans for interim activities (May to October 2019)

* Compost making

* Seed collecting & planting

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About: Mission
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