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Supporting the community to build a safe, stable, sustainable base for the community project: A place where people of all ages can gather and share skills and inspirations, where tree seedlings can grow, dreams can be dreamed, and pathways can be planned toward those dreams becoming a reality.

Thanks to all those of you who donated, we have now completed construction of our Seedling Shade. The seeds from the forest are germinating and growing into tree seedlings for planting out, and the local workers community are moving on to the next stages of the project...

completed shelter.jpg


Can you help us offer something back to this community so they can find their own ground again? We’re aiming to raise £3,000 to build a Trees of Hope project base, which will include:
• A new roof for the tree nursery providing fire-proof shade for the trees and a rainwater harvesting system for the nursery
• A micro-irrigation system using the collected rainwater
• A shaded gathering place for the local community to share their ideas about sustainable futures
• A polytunnel for growing vegetables
• A compost toilet
• A lockable tool shed

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